What IS on the moon!?

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Get the tinfoil hats, we’re going down the rabbit hole this morning!!! 

The moon landings… I, in my heart, despite conspiracy theories and and and… believe that they are 100% real…  


The Apollo missions, ran for a few years and then stopped, and then “OK we’re done with the moon for now… k bye!” We landed men on the moon from 1969 to 1972 and then stopped… 6 times, man set foot on the moon… and then stopped… 

WHY!? Sure, there’s been orbital missions, and unmanned landings etc. since then, but WHY did we stop sending people for such a long time? Did we find something? 

Ken Johnston, a former NASA Scientist, long story short, was put in charge of all the data and photographs involved with the lunar missions NASA was conducting. 

That’s Ken!

“I was put in charge of photographing and documenting their exact location. One day, my boss ordered me to destroy these images. There were elements in the pictures that were unexplainable.” said Ken. He was therefor ordered to destroy the images…

Ken has also said that he believes NASA has doctored the footage and photographs that were released to the public to hide what he believes are signs of extraterrestrial life on the moon. 

Ken’s stance is far from widely accepted, and several of his other statements, such as his belief that President Eisenhower met with aliens in the 1950s, could easily be considered merely conspiracy theories. Although that would explain a LOT about the U.S.A’s current state of politics…

Do you believe in Aliens? 

Written by: Jacques

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