with Odile

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Meet Odile:

Latin, ballet, and contemporary dancing extraordinaire, Odile, is simply wonderful. She is creative, bubbly, motivated, and energetic, so putting any kind of label on her, other than wonderful, is practically impossible, and downright unfair. All of which makes it totally forgivable that she cannot pronounce the word ‘debris’… We mean, she can’t have absolutely everything, now, can she?

She’s not afraid to laugh at herself, and she loves giving stuff away during competitions, (almost to the point where we wonder whether she knows she’s not the one who’s won…) and she’s always up for a bit of on, and off-the-air, fun.

Odile values friendships, family, and the community, and is an incredible ambassador for Namibia, and us (of course).

You can catch Odile during lunch, weekdays from 12:00 till 15:00.

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