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Meet Gerald:

The Geek of all Geeks, a total nerd, with surprisingly good taste in music, Gerald, is known as the 1337 (Leet, derived from elite, meaning leader in his field) of all things gaming related.

Not that, that’s all he has to offer. Gerald is funny! His laugh is incredibly contagious, so much so, that he himself isn’t even always immune to it. Which is exactly what you need toward the end of a busy day.

Along with his co-host, Yanika, Gerald, or G, tackles tech news, a little bit of sports news, and he gives the best reviews known to man, on new games for both consoles and PC. Some would say, he’s not just a pretty face…

When he is not on air, and not glued to a screen, (yes, it does happen from time to time), Gerald loves to cook, and spend time with his family, which is why we’re raising a scorecard with a solid 10 on it! Such a promising contender…

Meet Yanika:

KPop, and KDrama Phanatic, Yanika, is sweet, kind, lovable, and funny! She is as real as real gets, and she loves who and what she is. Which we think you can agree with, is really inspirational!

Yanika has her hands full hosting a show with Gerald, a self-proclaimed Geek, but she does it with style and confidence. Speaking of which, Yanika has several Vitiligo spots, and guess what? She doesn’t hate or hide them. Again… So inspirational!

She loves chatting about the local food scene, as well as sports news, whether it’s football, rugby, or tennis. Unless of course, there is some Formula 1 going down, then she turns into a bit of a petrolhead. Oh, and have we mentioned she is an avid dancer? This girl’s got some game!

Being a Millennial, Yanika is also your go-to girl for staying up to date with social media, trends, and new music.

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