The Breakfast Lab

with Jacques

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Meet Jacques

The one they call Jacques is a complex, yet interesting individual. Or should we say specimen? We’re not really sure. He is a highly talented, and skilled guitarist, classical music composer, performer, and host of the Breakfast Lab. Basically, he is an all-round entertainer. Whether he intends to be, or not.

His wit is as sharp as a samurai sword, and often leaves his audience in stitches… Pun intended!

His knowledge of music might be impressive, but his National Resonator NRP aka “Black Rust” Guitar, is downright sexy! It’s probably the first thing he would, and should save if ever his house burnt down.

The inability of the human race to think, and operate successfully, not to mention survive, fascinates him so much (insert sarcasm here) that he has an entire slot dedicated to it on the show.

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