Playdate? That’ll be N$ 675.00!

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Remember playdates when we were kids? Now we call it day-drinking… 

But dang, how life was SO much simpler back then. Get dropped off at your friend, run around, cause trouble, and then when you get picked up later, you inevitably pass out in the car… Good times! 

And then lets say there was a phone call afterwards (or in this day and age, a WhatsApp or DM) from your friends folks, it would be about 1 of 2 things: 

  1. Jacques caused trouble and I never want him at my house again. 
  1. That so much fun, the kids loved it, we must do it again! 

Brianna Weimar instead sent a 3rd option… 

She had a playdate at her house and when it was done, she sent the mom whose kid was visiting a bill for N$ 675.00 

Initial thoughts? Maybe the other kid did something naughty after they were told not to, continued to do it, and broke something. As such, it would be only fair that the other parent pay… 

But no, that is far from what happened! 

Brianna has caused a bit of an online uproar after it was revealed WHY she sent the bill… She blames the cost of living. 

Simply put: 


Everything from the snacks he ate, to electricity for the video game… 

And my favourite! She charged the kid for the soap he used when he washed his hands!!!

Watch the video here:


I think this is a perfectly justified request after a play date. #Satire #PlayDate #momfriends #aita

♬ Suspense, horror, piano and music box – takaya

I mean… if she can charge the kid for the playdate, can we charge her for sitting through this video!?

In fairness, one of the hashtags she uses in her video description is #satire. Is it genuine though?

I think we’ve all heard more than enough “Karen” stories to find this 100% believable!!!

Written by: Jacques

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