Off The Grid

with Vaughn Ahrens

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Get ready to groove with Namibia’s own Vaughn Ahrens on Off the Grid! Tune in every Wednesday and Saturday at 8PM, plus an epic double feature on Saturdays at the same time. Dive deep into the music scene with Vaughn as he spills the tea on your fave bands and showcases those hidden gems you won’t hear on your average radio station. Setting the bar for alternative tunes, Off the Grid is your ultimate destination for the coolest beats on Namibian Radio. Don’t miss out! 

Meet Vaughn:

Vaughn is the very definition of “What you see is what you get”. He is adventurous, down to earth, easy going, and the master of dry humour. Plus, he is a pretty big deal on the local music scene. Sorry ladies, Vaughn has already been taken off the market, by a real-life ‘boeremeisie’. (His words, not ours!)

Vaughn loves to travel. He enjoys experiencing new cultures and traditions, and thinks the less-travelled to destinations, are the best.

During his shows, Vaughn, tackles music, in a way no-one else can, or does. He likes introducing his audience to lesser-known bands, and he is great at deep diving into the lives of your favourite pop stars. In fact, we sometimes wonder why, and how he knows so much about the lives of the rich and famous.

All in all, Vaughn has a unique way of connecting with his listeners, and he always stays true to who he is.

You can catch Vaughn off the grid on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9pm. 

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