5K Giveaway with Jacques

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Join Jacques on the Breakfast Lab for the 5K Music Trivia Giveaway!

Call in at 083 000 0967, Monday to Thursday at 07H45, to answer MUSIC TRIVIA questions.

If you get them right, you’ll be invited to try the Friday Challenge: answer 10 tricky questions in 60 seconds! If you get them right, the N$5000.00 is yours!

Rules for Friday Competition:
  • 60 seconds to answer 10 Questions.
  • Questions will all be music/artist based.
  • Questions 1 to 9 are worth N$50 each. So let’s say you get all 9 correct = N$450.
  • Question 10 is worth a whopping N$5000.00! The final question will be really challenging.
  • The first question you get wrong, or cannot answer, the competition stops there and you win the amount reflecting the amount of correct questions.
  • There is NO “pass”.

Written by: RdwvAdmn

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