Zack and Cody’s Table is Ready!

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Dylan and Cole Sprouse have spoken out following the response to Zack and Cody’s dinner reservation being ready.

On the 16th of November, Zack and Cody’s reservation at Chef Gigi’s Italian restaurant in The Suite Life on Deck finally became ready. And it certainly sent fans into a frenzy with Dylan and Cole Sprouse taking to social media to reveal just how big the response they both received was.

In the scene – which happened in a 2009 episode of part of the show, Zack and Cody try to get a table at a restaurant. However, they were told by rude Chef Gigi, played by Sandra Purpuro, “I can squeeze you in at 7:30 … on Nov. 16 of 2023.” Cody replies: “That’s in 15 years,” before Zack adds: “What if I don’t feel like Italian that day?” The day finally came round and Zack and Cody fans clearly had the calendar marked for its arrival.



Dylan took to his Instagram with a photo of himself with his head in his hand, looking overwhelmed. He filled the picture with quotes – probably comments and dms he received from Zack and Cody fans on the day of the reservation. One line reads: “15 years of waiting is over, your table is now ready,with another saying “In the mood for Italian?” A third comment says: “Why aren’t you at this dinner?”

Cole had a similarly intense response from fans, sharing a 42-second-long video to his Instagram story of him scrolling through his messages. The video shows similar comments to what Dylan received, along with multiple tags in stories and reels sent.

It may be 15 years later, but the Disney series clearly still has some die hard fans who don’t forget anything. And it’s not just fans who were hyped for the reservation either. Disney Channel took to social media with a photo of a text reminder for the reservation. Even Chef Gigi herself has joined in on the hype, taking to TikTok to share a video of herself now welcoming the boys to the restaurant.
“Ah boys, you’re back,” she says. “Your table is ready. Follow me!”Sadly, the Sprouse brothers didn’t show, so maybe just as Zack predicted, they didn’t fancy Italian on 16 November after all.

Written by: Yanika

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