What your eyebrows reveal about you…

todayJune 2, 2023 135

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If there’s one thing that has become quite the trend in the last few years it’s eyebrows. Where back in the day you just had to make sure that you didn’t rock a unibrow, these days you have to spend hours and hours trying to make your eyebrows look on point; and while it might seem ridiculous to put that much effort into it – it’s worth it.

Why? Well because it turns out your eyebrows can say a lot about you.

A study done in the past says your eyebrows can actually reveal to other people how much you think of yourself. So if you’re seriously “up yourself” – your eyebrows will make that obvious to others without you even saying a word.

See, in the study, they found that people could accurately judge others’ narcissism from not only the upper half of the face but in particular your eyebrows.

That begs the question – what is it about your eyebrows that show others you think you’re the bee’s knees? Well, the thickness apparently.

According to this study, the thickness and density of your eyebrows it’s all directly linked to your level of narcissism and other people can easily pick up on this.

This means it’s not just the fact that having thick eyebrows makes you more likely to love yourself, it’s the fact that other people can tell you love yourself, just by the look of your eyebrows, without anyone telling them anything. It’s basically selling you out!

Does this mean the 90s overplucked brows will be making a comeback?

Written by: Sunet

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