The Mean Girls Reunite

todayNovember 2, 2023 153

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Fans have had to double check it’s 2023 and not 2004 after seeing the cast of Mean Girls together again.


Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert have reunited for a Walmart advert. The trio teamed up for the supermarket’s Black Friday Deals campaign and it sees them return to North Shore High School. Missy Elliott’s ‘Pass That Dutch’ plays in the background as a new batch of plastics wear pink and intimidate the rest of the students. Gretchen gets seen first and she’s all grown up. She pumps her car horn and tells her daughter to hop in the car to go ‘deal shopping’. Karen is still trying to use her intuition to report the weather. Kevin Gnapoor is seen watching Karen’s news update from the comfort of his home. He tells his child to not ‘let the haters stop you from doing your thang’. Classic Kevin G.


Then, we finally get to see Cady Heron, who is now a guidance counsellor at North Shore High. She tries to tell the new plastics that it’s ‘grool’ and of course they have no clue what this millennial catchphrase means. Gretchen even tries to get her daughter and her friends to use ‘fetch’, but they classically tell her it’s not going to happen.


Walmart went all out for the commercial and even got Missy Elliott to give the students a lecture on deals like Coach Carr’s lessons on sexually transmitted infections. Then, the all important winter talent show arrives and Daniel Franzese returns as Damian. The new trio of plastics perform the iconic ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ dance while a bunch of products are squeezed into the shot. The advert ends with the crazed moment from the 2004 film where the Burn Book’s secrets get dished out to everyone at the school.


However, instead of horrible comments about various students, it’s just advertising when the Black Friday deals kick off. Which, of course, is Wednesday…and you better wear pink.  Fans were understandably blown away by this nostalgic cast reunion, however many were upset that Rachel McAdams, who played the incredible Regina George, wasn’t there.


The last we had seen the whole gang together again was back in 2020 for the Mean Girls Reunion. They got together to talk about the movie as well as the funny and good times they had on set back in 2004.

Written by: Yanika

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