The inspiring story of Musa Motha!

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At some point, life is gonna knock you down. Fact.


For some, the knock is gonna be worse, than for others.

BUT, to quote Rocky Balboa (super cheesy, I know… I know…):

“It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit And keep moving forward.”


South African born Musa Motha, got hit pretty hard…

A footballer diagnosed with Cancer, that resulted in him having his left leg amputated.


But (coming back to that Rocky quote!), Musa kept moving forward and THEN SOME!!!


After the amputation of his left leg, Musa started to fall in love with music. One day, while hanging out with some friends who were dancing, he asked them to teach him how to dance… after all, you gotta vibe out to the music you love!

Every journey has a beginning and for Musa, his dance journey started with a pretty simple solution: “I used my left crutch as my left leg, and that is how it started.”


After years of dancing, Musa recently moved to England, and appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent,” where he made some Golden Buzzer history!!!


Ah yes… The infamous Golden Buzzer… When an act is good enough, the judges may use it to send the act to the Semi Finals of BGT. No need to do all the bootcamp stuff…

Each judge has ONLY ONE of these Golden Buzzers PER SEASON!!!


Musa’s dance performance was so good and so inspiring, it was DEFINITELY Golden Buzzer worthy that!

After receiving a standing ovation (and a few tears) from the entire crowd as well as all 4 judges, the crowd started chanting “Golden Buzzer! Golden Buzzer!!!”

The problem, none of them had any left to give… 1 per judge per season remember!? They had used them all…

Cue the “boos” from the crowd, who at any minute seemed like they were gonna riot if Musa didn’t get his Golden Buzzer!!!


But… who cares about rules when you’re Simon Cowell!!! He created the show, he does what he wants!!!


And right then and there, at the instigation of Simon Cowell, a fifth Golden Buzzer was handed out for the first time in BGT history! And not any old Golden Buzzer… Musa made history by receiving the FIRST EVER Group Golden Buzzer!!!

All 4 judges slammed down on the button, the stage rained down with golden confetti, and Musa made it through to the Semi-Finals!!!


I can keep telling you all about it, or… follow the link:

Keep the tissues ready, coz someone is cutting onions in here…



Written by: Jacques

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