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Would you ever get elective surgery? Nip? Tuck? Snip? Fill up? 

What about “slice, snap, cut, move, screw-in, sew closed and repeatedly adjust!?”

Hi, Jacques here!

Anyone that knows me, knows I don’t handle anything “surgical” well, so while I try and hold down my dinner from last night… here we go! 

Theresia Fischer from Germany, wanted to be more attractive for her husband, so she underwent a procedure.

Normally, when someone says they want to be more attractive and talk about getting some sort of procedure, the immediate thought I have would be doing something to the boobs, lips, butt, maybe taking a chisel to your giant nose! You know… The usual! 

Not for Theresia! 

Theresia underwent “Frankenstein” leg-lengthening surgeries. That is not a euphemism for something. They LITERALLY stretch and lengthen your legs! 

The procedures started in 2016 when Theresia was 1.65 meters tall… and ended recently with Theresia standing at 1.83 meters tall!!!

And Oh boy, the procedure!!! 

During the cosmetic procedure, physicians break the femur bones in each of a patient’s legs and insert extendable metal nails. The nails are gradually extended over the next three months by one millimeter a day – eventually making the recovered patient several inches taller. 

So wait… Doctors CUT the thigh and lower leg bones!?   

They then implant adjustable, steel telescopic rods into her tibiae (shinbones) to encourage the growth of new bone tissue and the lengthening of each limb. 


WHY!? WHY DO THIS!? If height really is an issue, get a step stool to reach the high-up things in your house!!!

The fact that she did this for her husband though, is what is really wild! I mean sure, we all say we’ll do things for our loved ones, and don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy to make my girlfriend a cup of tea, but THIS!? Sorry lief!!! I’ll get some platform shoes instead!

By the way… her and her husband aren’t together anymore!

(Clearly the surgery worked, but… proportions are a bit off no?)

You TOO can get taller like Theresia did… all you need is a cool N$ 3 000 000. Minus flights, accommodation, and recovery… Never mind all the new pants you’ll need to buy! 

Written by: Jacques

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