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Out of some unknown sphere  “Palworld”  a game by Pocketpair, a game with a modest marketing approach, has come outta nowhere and defied expectations by reaching over two million peak concurrent players on Steam within its first month, following its January 19th release for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.
Palworld continues to break sales records daily, particularly on Steam. And despite being on Game Pass, the game still attracted a substantial player base, with an average gameplay time climbing higher and higher.

But the question remains, what is Palworld?

Palworld presents an open-world survival experience featuring crafting and combat components. Within the game, players can capture and train charmingly animated monsters, engaging them in battles against other captured creatures. These creatures, known as ‘Pals,’ can also be utilized for various tasks such as working on factory assembly lines and farms, contributing to the player’s survival. The game offers diverse activities like dungeon-crawling, using Pals as mounts for exploration, and breeding to create new variants.

While the premise might seem familiar and reminiscent of other titles, such as Pokemon, that’s precisely the intention. Palworld distinguishes itself not just through its features but by cleverly combining elements from other games. Imagine Pokemon armed with guns in the expansive open world of Breath of the Wild – this unique blend contributes to Palworld’s widespread popularity, setting it apart from its counterparts in the gaming world.

Palworld showcases creativity as players devise inventive strategies, like overcoming a significantly higher-level Grizzbolt or Mammorest  , and using survival tactics to gain the upper hand.

Moreover, Palworld’s appeal extends beyond strategic ingenuity; it is inherently enjoyable to play. Despite some areas, like melee weapons, feeling less impactful and a need for refinement in certain combat aspects, the experience of engaging in real-time battles while riding a Suzaku and confronting wild Pals in aerial combat with friends is notably entertaining. The thrill intensifies as players deploy Pals strategically, combining their efforts with gunfire support in gripping encounters.

The bottom line, Palworld is an amazingly fun and addictive game that is riding the wave of excitement towards soaring sales figures. This not only demonstrates that a newcomer can enter the scene and achieve substantial success against an entrenched powerhouse like Pokemon but also illustrates how a smaller developer can unexpectedly attain overwhelming triumph. See it like a David and Goliath battle but with a smaller Pal taking on a Big Pokemon.Whether viewed as a stroke of luck or a fleeting sensation, the statistics overwhelmingly favor Palworld.


Can and will it sustain this momentum remains uncertain, but as of now, its unstoppable ascent continues.



I choose you GG!

Written by: Gerald

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