Nestle Love Moments

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The possibilities were endless for creating unique and fun Nestle Love moments, allowing participants to let their creativity shine. The competition brought out some truly amazing entries, each showcasing a different way to express love through Nestle chocolate.

Listeners tuned in to Lunch with Laimi at 14h10 on Radiowave to hear the announcement of the winners. Congratulations to our three lucky winners from the competition – Laina Nangolo, Loide Hefingo, Gizella van Zyle, and Jacqueline.

As Valentine’s Day approached, the Nestle Love Moments competition added an extra touch of sweetness to the month of love. Participants had the opportunity to spread joy and share their love through their creative Nestle Love moments. The competition truly captured the spirit of love and chocolate, bringing smiles and happiness to all who participated.

We hope you enjoyed celebrating love with Nestle and sharing your Nestle Love moments. Thank you to all the participants for making the competition a success and spreading love in a deliciously sweet way. Happy Valentine’s Day, and may your Nestle Love moments continue to bring joy and sweetness to your life.

Written by: Laimi

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