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Holy Sith… Star Wars Day is upon us again!


Star Wars Day, approaching soon, celebrating the beloved franchise that has captivated audiences since its explosive debut in 1977. This year, fans have much to anticipate, including a new Star Wars show and video game.

On May 4th, select theaters will screen The Phantom Menace, accompanied by a preview of The Acolyte, set to premiere later in the year. Star Wars Day, celebrated annually on May 4th, is a time for fans to immerse themselves in the movies, shows, books, games, and merchandise of the saga.


The date’s significance stems from wordplay on the phrase “May the Force be with you,” making “May the Fourth” a fitting choice.
Additionally, fans often extend the celebration to “Revenge of the Fifth” and “Revenge as the Sixth,” echoing the titles of Star Wars films.


Star Wars: The Acolyte’s first episode debuts on June 4th, while the open-world game Star Wars Outlaws launches on August 30th.

This Star Wars Day, fans will likely indulge in nostalgia as the 25th anniversary of “The Phantom Menace” approaches. Admirers of Disney+ originals like “Andor” and “The Mandalorian” will delve into the new animated series “Tales of the Empire” while eagerly anticipating the June premiere of “The Acolyte.”


So here’s a few activities for May 4th:

Revisit the ‘Star Wars’ movies, binge-watch’ Star Wars’ shows, including the latest animated series ‘Tales of the Empire,’ or savor themed treats like Tauntaun cookies with blue milk.
Embrace your inner geek by purchasing something fun and geeky.


“May the 4th” is a day for all fans of the Jedi, the Resistance, the Skywalkers, and more to come together and celebrate the vast wonders of the galaxy far, far away!



Written by: Gerald

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