Last Minute Gifts for Father’s Day

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We get it, life’s busy and you just remembered it’s Father’s Day on Sunday and you probably can’t show up empty handed. Don’t worry, we got you! Here are our top 7 last minute gifts that are bound to get him smiling and making an awkward dad joke .  

 Biltong: It may sound silly but trust us on this, dad will never say no to his favorite free biltong. Hopefully you know what kind he likes: extra fatty, chilly bites, lean, droewors? Whatever it is, we guarantee he will be grateful! You can’t go wrong with any of our local biltong shops or of course, our partner Closwa Biltong 

 Chocolate: If he isn’t a fan of salty foods or is watching his cholesterol then you can’t go wrong with a slab or two of his favorite chocolates. So many imported and equally delectable local chocolate brands available at your disposal.  

 Power Tools: If dad is a whizz with his hands then maybe a new power tool will expand his collection. Have a look through his existing tools and see what’s missing or what might need an upgrade. Our partner Pupkewitz Megabuild has amazing specials on all their power tools at the moment.  

A little something to warm up his heart and throat this father’s day. All dads have their drink of choice and would never complain about a new bottle of their absolute favorites. Head on over to to see which liquor shops have the best deals for dads guilty pleasure.  

 Accessories for the ultimate braai experience. Does he always sigh when the family braais? Something missing? Braai tongs, cleaning brushes, firelighters, wood, aprons, cleaning wipes, the works! Trust us, he will think of you next time he gets to braai again. Check out the braai gear specials at Pupkewitz Megabuild.  

 A nice shirt or jersey. If dad, like most Namibian men, doesn’t spend too much time shopping, then a nice good quality shirt or jersey for dressing up may be the ultimate father’s day gift. Check the size of the clothes he currently wears to surprise him.  

 Adopt A Bestie- Hear us out, dad always says “I don’t want that dog or cat” and what always happens? They become absolute besties! So if he has the time for a doggo or feline friend head over to your SPCA or local rescue organisation to get him his furever friend.    

If you are cash strapped, a heartfelt card or day spent together is more than enough as well. Celebrate your old man.  

Written by: Jacques

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