It’s Time To Get A Dog

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It’s time to get a dog.


Well let me give you 3 reasons:

1) They’re awesome

2) They’ll help you lose weight & stay fit

3) They’re awesome

I feel like reasons 1 & 3 are self-explanatory and don’t need elaboration so instead I’ll focus on reason nr 2.

See, according to research done, having a dog – specifically a big breed – can help you stay fit and healthy since owners are motivated to take larger breeds for a walk and taking regular walks with your dog will help your fitness level and weight.

In fact dog walking is the easiest way to encourage people to get out and do some exercise and if you want to keep yourself even more motivated then don’t just get yourself a dog, but really build a bond with them.

Yes research also found that owners are more likely to take their dog out if they believe the animal enjoys it or if they are very attached to their pet.

At the end of the day we all know we need to go to the gym or exercise at home but we’re not always motivated or in the mood and maybe this is just the motivation you need to do what you know you should.

So, in a nutshell – get a dog and build a bond with him because it can help you lose weight and stay fit.

Also, have I mentioned that they’re awesome?

If you want to get your pawfect partner, why not go to your local SPCA to meet all their beautiful residents waiting for their furever homes?

Who knows? You might just meet your next best friend.

Written by: Sunet

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