I’ll take a coffee, hold the hammer!

todayJune 19, 2024 48

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People in the service industry… my sympathies! 

Have you ever seen Karen videos where people just EXPLODE at Baristas aka Coffee People? It’s coffee! Calm down!!!

Emma Lee, a Barista in the states was recently a victim of “barista rage!” 

A customer at a drive-through at Emma’s coffee shop placed his order, and was a little taken aback when he heard the full amount.

US$22.00. That’s almost N$400.00

So, a chunky order! He then proceeded to complain about it, saying the prices are too high. Which fair enough, that IS a lot of money. But prices, as with most drive-throughs, are listed at the entrance of the drive-through. 

Emma (though this is maybe also not the way to do things) then told him if he is not happy “You don’t have to come here!” 

The customer then proceeded to get out the car, he allegedly then told her “No one is going to miss you,” which sounds quite threatening, and threw the iced coffee in Emma’s face!

Dude… not cool… S0o what’s the reaction here? We’ve seen this happen before, there are many videos of this happening online. Normally the barista slams the little windows of the drive-through closed and looks shook and stands in disbelief while a co-worker comes along and proceeds to let off a barrage of PG Rated words at the customer!!! 

Not Emma! After throwing the iced-coffee (and fortunately it was an ICED-coffee) in Emma’s face, he got back into his car. 

Emma was NOT having it and, where she got it who knows, pulled out a hammer and firmly introduced it to the customers windscreen!!! Watch the video here:

And you wanna know what the heck? 

I will neither confirm nor deny I am pro-vigilante vandalism, but I do believe in people standing up for themselves!!!

What has happened in your life, that you think throwing your order in someone’s face, because YOU didn’t read the prices correctly, is an OK thing to do!?

Well done for standing up for yourself Emma! 

Think he left a tip?  

Written by: Jacques

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