Greece to impose the SIX DAY work week!

todayJuly 4, 2024 80

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If your company hasn’t already implemented it, I can imagine your vision board might include the “4 day work week!!!”

Sadly, it seems the ever elusive “4 day work week” won’t apply to Radio… 🙁

Not that it’s personally an issue, this job is great!

  • Music? Check
  • A Bathtub amount of coffee everyday? Check

I’m not exactly melting under fluorescent lights in some undersized cubicle somewhere…

The 4 day work week has proven effective, and personally I think it should DEFINITELY become a thing! Here in Namibia, several companies have started a 4 day work week trial run!

And then, there’s Greece:

While many countries are considering shorter working weeks, Greece is bucking the trend by implementing a six-day workweek aimed at boosting productivity.

Starting this week, employees will be allowed to work up to 48 hours, a move criticized by unions as “barbaric.”

Akis Sotiropoulos from the civil servants’ union Adedy condemned the decision, pointing out that other countries are moving towards four-day workweeks.

However, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s government argues that this measure is necessary due to a shrinking population and a shortage of skilled workers.

Mitsotakis has labeled the demographic shift a “ticking timebomb,” noting that approximately 500,000 educated young Greeks have emigrated since the debt crisis began in 2009.

With all due respect, to Greece and so many other countries, can you blame young educated people for jumping ship? Can you blame ANYONE for wanting to jump ship?

Throw a rock and you’ll hit 10 people in this little country of ours, who want out because of lack of opportunity etc.

I won’t pretend to know how to run a country, but implementing a 6 day work week in a nation where people ALREADY want out as a result of poor work opportunities seems kind of the opposite of what one should do… but that’s all I’ll say about that!


Uno, as in yes the card game, had the COLDEST response on the article I got the info from:

Damn Uno!!! DAMN!!!

Also, put down the vision board, go do actual work…

Written by: Jacques

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