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So, you a Gamer, your significant other however is not…
It’s a scenario as old as time,  you get home after work, you load up your favorite game and kick back and “Boom”, your partner wants to cook dinner with you and spend quality time.
But the only “chicken dinner” you’re thinking of is the one in game as you clutch the win!
Watching you get the win online, to them, is boring and is it really quality time?
So why not get them to join you on an epic adventure and if you ask me, gaming with your significant other can solidify romantic bonds. Playing games together are an easy way to learn about loved ones and craft memories together.
Here’s a tip to get your significant other into Gaming:
How to approach the topic:
Personalize the pitch. Tell them that their interest in something like fantasy movies or series might translate well to a story-heavy role-playing game like Diablo or Final Fantasy or that their Sunday afternoon puzzle routine is a great way to get into a puzzler like Tetris Effect.
Remember Some games are pretty frustrating to get into without some sort of gaming skill, but others, like point-and-click RPGs or games with excellent tutorials, are not. Make sure you let your significant other know, that skill isn’t a factor—you’re in it to have fun together and spend quality time together. And that all depends on what game you pitch, so choose wisely! Make it about their enjoyment, not about yours!
Here are some Amazingly Addictive Couch Co-Op Games to try:
  • It Takes Two
    Set against the bittersweet backdrop of a couple going through a divorce, this innovative love letter to co-op gaming is bursting at the seams with ideas. May and Cody find themselves transformed into dolls and must race to reach their daughter Rose. Every level features a new set of co-op mechanics and inventive puzzles to overcome. Designed as a two-player game (there’s no single-player), It Takes Two is a comical roller coaster ride that embraces cooperative gameplay like no other.
    2 players can take a journey together at home or online.
  • Untitled Goose Game
    Waddling around honking, stealing objects, and tormenting the inhabitants of a sleepy rural village sounds like a strange premise for a game, and it is. But role-playing as an annoying goose turns out to be incredibly fun. Winding people up with your antics to complete challenges proves surprisingly satisfying, and adding a partner in crime allows you to ramp up the mayhem and work together to really bug folks.  
    2 players can honk and annoy at home.
  • Unravel Two
    Unravel Two is a side-scrolling platformer starring two tiny sentient yarn creatures who must traverse the large, scary world we humans live in. The two yarnies, as they’re called, depend on each other’s stringy bodies to perform various acrobatic feats and avoid obstacles, such as animals and other natural hazards. While it sometimes struggles to make its puzzles and challenges intuitive, the game’s gorgeous graphics and heartfelt two-player design make up for any shortcomings.
    2 players can platform together.
  • Moving Out
    Packing people’s junk into a van is the premise of this gentle physics puzzler, an ideal foundation for single-screen co-op fun. You and up to three pals must work together to squeeze couches, fridges, TVs, and lamps into a limited space as quickly as possible. What could have been a frustrating argument starter is cleverly subverted by comical clumsiness and chaotic challenges that encourage you to cut corners and smash stuff with impunity.
    2 to 4 players can move couches together at home. This was my pick of the easiest, most fun games to play together with your significant other.

Remember there is a lot more out there for you to enjoy on console, handheld and PC so the choices are endless!

Don’t forget the golden rule: make it about their enjoyment, not about yours!

Thank me later.

Written by: Gerald

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