G & Yanika’s Top 5 Picks for a Gaming Scare

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It’s the spookiest of seasons, time to check if your flight-or-fight responses are working properly. Halloween is prime time for exploring horror games.

In this list, we’re suggesting the top horror games currently available. Whether you prefer gruesome cosmic horror, games that challenge your very being, or low-fi creepy experiences, the gaming industry offers a variety of exceptional titles that will leave you hoping for ectoplasm in your pants rather than something else.


G & Yanika’s 5 picks for a gaming scare:
1. Resident Evil Series
Recent years have been a scare-fest for Resident Evil fans, thanks to a Capcom delivering outstanding sequels, top-notch remakes, and fresh projects.
The often overlooked Resident Evil: Revelations series set the survival-horror tone, but the true revival began with Resident Evil 7’s spine-tingling horror. Resident Evil Village offers a stunningly atmospheric terror experience, and the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 modernize the gameplay while looking fantastic.
Resident Evil 4’s remake, while not as relentlessly scary as others, stands out as the best, blending survival-action, one-liners, and blockbuster moments in a way that’s hard to surpass.
2. Amnesia Series
For over a decade, Frictional Games has excelled in delivering hair-raising scares. The Amnesia series offers a distinctive range of horror games that consistently keep players on edge, making them feel nervous and close to screaming whenever their in-game characters encounter something terrifying.
In Dark Descent, an otherworldly force poses a lethal threat if you make eye contact. Justine is a harrowing expansion to the original game, A Machine For Pigs makes you rethink your dietary choices, and Rebirth turns darkness into your primary adversary.
Additionally, there’s Amnesia: The Bunker, released earlier this year, where you assume the role of a French soldier trapped in a World War I bunker. Amid relentless artillery bombardments, a deadly monster hunts you, and you have insufficient ammunition to fend it off while struggling to keep the lights on. Regardless of your preference, Amnesia games provide thrilling first-person adventures filled with constant threats and an enduring sense of dread.
3. Phasmophobia
Making its debut in 2020 and gaining significant attention on Twitch, Phasmophobia is a multiplayer take on Paranormal Activity.
Equipped with ghost-detection tools but lacking any ghost-busting gear, players explore various haunted locations, encountering vengeful spirits.
Playing solo is terrifying, but with friends, the game’s voice recognition system enhances immersion as the supernatural entities eavesdrop on conversations and respond. 
For an even more intense experience, you can try the game in VR to come face-to-face with the ghosts and demons you encounter.
4. Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill, after a decade of dormancy, is set to make a significant return, which includes a remake of Silent Hill 2 by the horror game studio Bloober Team.
Remaking the iconic Silent Hill 2, which has been revered as not only one of the best in the series but also one of the greatest horror games ever, is a challenging task.
The original game tells a tragic story with enigmatic puzzles, following protagonist James Sunderland as he becomes ensnared in his own personal nightmare. Silent Hill 2 remains a masterpiece in storytelling, even if its gameplay has aged over two decades, continuing to shock players as they delve deeper into its narrative.
5. Little Nightmares Series
The Little Nightmares series, a set of puzzle-platforming horror games, offers a captivating yet unsettling experience. While all the games in the current trilogy are solid, Little Nightmares II stands out as a top choice.
This second installment takes the creepiness to the extreme, leaving players feeling uneasy and haunted as the end credits roll on this peculiar and chilling children’s narrative brought to life.
As it’s the scary season this is our selection of the finest short horror games to enjoy. Whether you seek a spine-tingling psychological horror adventure or a heart-pounding splatter-core nightmare, these games are among the top choices for this season.

Written by: Yanika

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