Early Risers. Where is Namibia?

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Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise or The early bird catches the worm!

According to data, most of us have a tendency to wake up sometime during the 7 o’clock hour. But countries still have average wake-up times, which reflect the general wake-up times of their residents.

New data released by World Population Review revealed the average wake-up time of 50 different countries.

We checked out the Top 10 list of earliest risers in the world. And according to the new data, countries wake up at various times throughout the morning, with most people being up within the seven o’clock hour.

Here’s the Top 10 of Earliest risers:

South Africa – 6:24 AM
Colombia – 6:31 AM
Costa Rica – 6:38 AM
Indonesia – 6:55 AM
Mexico – 7:09 AM
Japan – 7:09 AM
New Zealand – 7:11 AM
Australia – 7:13 AM
Switzerland – 7:13 AM
Czech Republic – 7:15 AM

What is certain, according to this wake up data, is that the entire world is up and moving by 9 AM. Would love to know where we as Nambians rank?


For more info and entire Top 50 List:

Written by: Yanika

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