Don’t Trust Your Gut, Trust Your Dog

todayJune 9, 2023 113

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How many times have you let someone into your life only to get hurt and trampled on somewhere along the line?

It only takes one bad person in your life to realize that you can’t always trust your gut when it comes to people because some people truly are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

So, if you can’t trust your gut, how are you supposed to figure out whether you can trust someone or not?

Ask your dog.

I’m not kidding. Ask your dog.

It Turns out dogs have great intuition, so much so that they can sense a bad person probably long before you do.

See research has discovered that dogs are very socially aware creatures and, as well as being able to sense when you’re happy, sad or angry, they can also apparently sense when a person is untrustworthy and they do this by picking up on certain cues the person gives.

However, not only can dogs sense when someone isn’t the most trustworthy person – they can also immediately pick up when someone is being rude or mean towards their owners and they will change their behaviour around such a person.

So basically dogs’ social intelligence is actually quite crazy and in some ways, they are more socially aware than we are.

That’s why apart from this being a reminder that dogs are awesome, this should also be a way for you to not allow bad people in your life.

To put it plainly – if your dog doesn’t like someone, you might want to be careful about letting them into your life…

Written by: Sunet

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