Beyoncé drops 27-song track list for “Cowboy Carter”

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Beyoncé’s long-awaited country album, ‘Cowboy Carter’, is almost here, now she’s dropped the track list for her hotly anticipated country album, “Cowboy Carter,” in a vintage-inspired social media post.

With 27 titles listed — assuming they’re all tracks — the album will be Beyoncé’s longest by far.

The track list includes two tracks titled ‘Jolene’ and ‘The Linda Martell Show’, as well as the words ‘Dolly P’, which left many of us speculating that she will be collaborating with the country icon.

There could also be a  potential collaboration with Willie Nelson, another country icon, on a song called “Smoke Hour.”

The post featured the chart-topping single ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ as well as another single ’16 Carriages’ alongside the following titles:

  • Ameriican Requiem
  • Blackbiird
  • Protector
  • My Rose
  • Bodyguard
  • Daughter
  • Spaghettii
  • Alliigator Tears
  • Smoke Hour II
  • Just for Fun
  • II Most Wanted
  • Levii’s Jeans
  • Flamenco
  • Ya Ya
  • Oh Louisiana
  • Desert Eagle
  • Riiverdance
  • Tyrant
  • II Hands II Heaven
  • Sweet Honey Buckin
  • Amen

Great expectations for the “Cowboy Carter and the Rodeo Chitlin’ Circuit.” 

Written by: Yanika

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