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*SPOILER ALERT* This is going to an honest look at what happens in the Barbie Live Action movie.

The movie starts of with a quick history recap of how Barbie came to be, going from baby dolls to the first woman doll. We get to see how all the Barbies, Kens and Alan live in Barbie Land in their perfect every day lives. They wake up, “eat” breakfast, float down to their cars, drive around and just have fun. They have every day Dance parties as well as the Barbies always having sleepover nights. Like EVERY day. Basically, just the same day on repeat.


On one random day, in the middle of a Dance party, the stereotypical Barbie, played by Margot Robbie, starts having an existential crisis thought and blurts it out loud asking everyone if they’ve ever thought about death? Talk about ruining the mood. She plays it off like every misspoke but after that, things started going a little haywire in her life.


She starts experiencing flat foot, instead of the typical Barbie foot we know of, cellulite and thoughts of incredible shame. She’s becoming more… HUMAN! So the other Barbies advise her to go see Crazy Barbie, who has seen this happen before. By the way, she is only called Crazy Barbie because she has wacky hair, is in constant splits and has been drawn all over. NOT her fault by the way. Anyways, she tells Barbie she needs to go to the Real World, find the human that’s been playing with her and try to sort out why there are these feelings in her. And off she goes!!!!


She ends up meeting Gloria (who works for Mattel) and her daughter Sasha, thinking it was Sasha’s memories she saw, but they were Gloria’s. So all these existential crisis thoughts Barbie was having came from Gloria’s feelings. They decide to fix things and travel back to Barbie Land to do so. Little does Barbie know, Ken got into some books about horses and cars, as well as experiencing a world that seems to be run by men, a COMPLETE opposite of what he has experienced in Barbie Land, and has taken that back to Barbie Land with him, changing things completely.







Gloria, Barbie, Sasha, Crazy Barbie and Alan then go on a mission to un-brainwash all the other Barbies that now seem to be serving all the Kens, seeking for validation as well. At the end of it all, the Kens end up fighting each other, ending in them coming together and realizing the Barbies have turned everything back into what it was, with a little twist.


Barbie comes to the realization through this whole journey that everyone needs to figure out for themselves who they want to be because they can be. Barbie has realized she doesn’t want to just be a Barbie in Barbie Land, that she is ready to be more in the Real World, with the help of Gloria and Sasha. She also gets all the Kens to realize that they don’t need a Barbie to be someone, they can be important people on their own.


But… I think the most important, most emotional and most heartbreaking scene from the entire movie is when Barbie tells Gloria she doesn’t feel like she’s good enough and Gloria has a few choice words on how it is IMPOSSIBLE to be a woman. That scene broke so many hearts all over the world.


⚠️ barbie spoilers ⚠️ this will always be one of my favourites, I was a mess by the end of this scene. America Fererra delivered this so well. 🩷 #barbie #barbiethemovie

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In a close second, when Barbie talks to Ruth Handler about wanting to become a human and leave Barbie Land behind, Ruth asks her if she’s sure, but not before letting her see what being human is like. And that is where we get the iconic Billie Eilish song What Was I Made For? This song is trending so much right now simply because the lyrics resonate so much with a lot of woman and young girls and how they are feeling or have felt.


This scene made my heart feel heavy #fyp #barbie #movie #ken #kenough #relatable #life #deep #trending #billieeilish #whatwasimadeforbarbiesong #whatwasimadefor #happierthanever #sad

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Written by: Yanika

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