Are Namibians unhappy!? Apparently so!

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Are we as Namibians unhappy!? 

The World Happiness Report* for 2024 was released and damn Namibia, why are we so miserable?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that there are things in life that get us down, but as far as happiness goes, Namibia is ranked as the 106th happiest country in the world. (out of 143**)

106th!? How is that possible? I honestly thought we were a happy country! 

Let’s look at our neighbour to the south, South Africa: South Africa on the World Happiness Report is ranked 83rd… They have Johannesburg! That should at least put them in the 130th position!!!

Ukraine is currently in a war and they are ranked happier than us at 105th.

Finland (SHOCKER!!!) is Number 1 again… Nothing new there!

So, Namibia, what is making us all miserable to the point of not even cracking the top 100?

I’m not actually gonna list what I think is making us miserable, everyone has their own ‘stuff’ that they’re going through.

But I think with times being as tough as they are, it’s maybe “easier” to be sad, than it is to be happy… And that’s not good!!! 

This is the part where I preach and go full “Namaste” on you… But I’m not going to do that!

  • This is not the part where I give meditation tips.
  • I will not tell you to breathe.
  • No one is going to tell you to go for a walk.

But this IS the part where I would suggest you find what makes you happy, and put a bit of focus into it… What that is, I can’t tell you, but I hope you do find it!

And hey, if you are ever feeling down, just remember, your friend, the radio, is just a click away: 


** There are 195 countries in the world, however only 143 were ranked in the World Happiness Report.

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Written by: Jacques

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