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A lower oil price is great for the average consumer, as it means we pay less for fuel, but the overall effects of a low oil price is unfortunately not all that great. 

Nearly N.dollars 385 million has been allocated to the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service in the 2017/18 National Budget, more than N.dollars 100 million less than last year. 

Ten people were stabbed with at least two in a critical condition after a stabbing spree broke out during a neo-Nazi rally at California's state capitol building yesterday. 

The Landless People’s Movement yesterday held a media conference at the Commando Hall in Katutura, Windhoek to clarify what their objectives are. 

Five people died after a skydiving tour plane crashed and caught fire in Hawaii. 

Government has approached the Government Institutions' Pension Fund and other financial institutions to consider buying the 34 per cent foreign-owned shares in Mobile Telecommunications Limited.  

A budget amount of N$ 312.4 Million has been allocated to the maintenance of Government properties by the Ministry of Works and Transport for the current financial year.

A Malawian national arrested in connection with a hit-and-run accident in which a 22-year-old man died over the weekend, has been refused bail. 

"It was consistent with the vision of America going insane"

The writer of a 2000 episode ofThe Simpsons that predicted a future Donald Trump presidencysaid the episode was “a warning to America.”

“That just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom,” writer Dan Greaney said in aninterview with The Hollywood Reporter. “It was pitched because it was consistent with the vision of America going insane.”

Just hours before South Africa’s anti-corruption chief Thuli Madonsela is due to stand down, the BBC has learnt that damning cellphone evidence is a key part of her investigation into so-called state capture, which President Jacob Zuma is trying to suppress. 

It's now official, Myanmar's most famous politician and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi will not become the country's next president. 

A family in Meyerton, south of Johannesburg, wants to sue the Kopanong Hospital after they were told their daughter was dead only for them to find her alive, being treated in her ward.  

The African Union will send a mission to northern Mali in the next few weeks to look into setting up a counter-terrorism force to support vulnerable UN peacekeepers, sources familiar with the matter said. 

The DA has dropped a political atom bomb by claiming the person most likely to be nominated as the new Public Protector is a spy close to President Jacob Zuma. 

Ratings agencies like Moody's are not putting SA on review just to be "horrible", but because poorer people and poorer countries struggle to pay back debt, emphasised Mike Schüssler of 

The Otjozondjupa Police on Monday expressed concern with an ongoing syndicate of people impersonating Namibian Police Force commissioners and inspectors to carry out criminal activities. 

Windhoek’s Omatako Dam, one of the three that supply us with drinking water has had a slight inflow. The dam now stands at 7.4 % full, 0.1 percent up from last week. 

The Namibia Red Cross Society (NRCS) does not have enough funds to assist the about 11 500 people in the Kunene and Kavango regions through short and medium-term humanitarian interventions during the current drought.

TV influences our perception of the 'perfect female form':

The amount of television we watch is likely to influence our idea of the "perfect" female body, the Press Association reports.
Researchers from Newcastle University found that the more television a person watches, the more likely they are to prefer a slimmer female physique.
The scientists worked with a group of people from rural Nicaragua to asses the effects of media exposure on body ideals.
They then grouped the participants according to their differing access of Western media, then asked them to rate images of different women.
The study found that the highest Body Mass Index (BMI) preferences were found in the village with the least media access, while those living in urban areas preferred thinner female bodies.
Three things you need to know about today:
Seeing as tomorrow is when the Namibian budget will be tabled, and the fact that we received a rather good press release from Bank Windhoek, here are three things that Suta Kavari, an Investment Strategist at Capricorn Asset Management is expecting from the Minister of Finance tomorrow in terms of taxes:
1. He expects the much talked about (and now largely muted) Solidarity tax to take the form a sort of ‘wealth tax’ adjustment. This might take the form of an increase in the marginal tax rate of the relatively affluent Namibians.
2. Company taxes, which are the most sensitive to business cycles, will most likely be spared. But he says we could also see substantially higher sin tax increases, higher than the normal inflation adjustments.
3. Due to Government’s poverty fighting resolve, we don’t expect to see any VAT increase. Low income earners are usually hardest hit by VAT increases. Furthermore, it will have an adverse impact on personal consumption especially in this low growth environment.
Personal trainer gains and then loses 32 kg:
A personal trainer has made headlines after gaining just under 32 kg in less than four months so that he could lose weight alongside his client.
Adonis Hill, 35, from Brooklyn, gorged up to 7,000 calories per day, putting on almost 32 kg for the American TV show 'Fit to Fat to Fit'.
He then lost the weight, while working out alongside his client, Alissa Kane, who lost a grand total of 26 kg in four months.
While his intentions are admirable, they have sparked debate about whether such drastic weight gain and loss is actually good for a person's health. With one doctor interviewed saying: "Any extreme fluctuation in your health or weight is not at all healthy or good for you. Although there is no clear evidence that in this particular case it would actually cause harm, we do know that the safest way to lose weight is gradually and sustainably, by adopting a healthy lifestyle that is maintained.”
Here is what the transformation looked like:


What's Trending:
What’s trending in South Africa today is #Budget2016 for obvious reasons as well as the hashtag #ColourBlind which is an honourable tag trying to inspire South Africans to see beyond race and unify as one people – however there are many people pointing out using that exact same hashtag that to be colour blind is to also deny many of the things that do need to be fixed and many of the inequalities that do still exist along race lines.
On a much less serious note the hashtag #WineWednesday is also trending in South Africa and it seems many people using that hashtag today are acknowledging that things are pretty stressful at the moment so relaxing with a glass of wine might be just want a lot of them need.
Worldwide a fun hashtag that is tending is #UpdateaFairyTale and includes submissions like:
Snow white and her 7 polyamourous dwarves, Real Sleeping Beauty Is On the Inside, and The Boy Who Cried Gluten Allergy
The most cringworthy thing you've said to someone your 'interested' in:
We've all been there: you fancy the pants off someone and end up doing something completely and utterly stupid to win their affection.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it seriously backfires.
After one Reddit user asked his fellow internet chums about the "most pathetic thing" they've done for a crush. There were plenty of stories to be shared and here are a couple of them:
I said " there's something handsome in your eyes, oh it's just me." Actually worked pretty well in that situation.
Threw my shoe on a roof. It totally made sense at the time.
I dyed my hair pink and grew it out... I'm a dude... Yeah.
Went to berlin to meet her.. And her new bf, apparently