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The Bieber doll is on sale just in time for Christmas

Whether you have Bieber Fever or can't stand him, there's no denying Justin Bieber has done pretty well for himself. Millions of dollars well for himself that is…And ladies both young and old would love to date him…And NOW you kinda can!!

Bieber has recently been awarded the most dubious of accolades, there's a sex doll that apparently looks just like him - right in time for Christmas for that lucky lady who wants to buy herself a present…

Not only is the doll selling like hotcakes, but lucky buyers get to choose the penis size too. 

How very thoughtful.

Not sure how accurate the doll will be, but with his stamp of approval you can bet it will have all the tattoo’s. Merry Xmas to YOU!!

A sailing record that was expected to stand for decades, has been broken!

A Frenchman has shattered the record for a solo,  round-the-world yacht trip. The record, which was set by another Frenchman, Thomas Colville last year and which, at the time was thought to be so fast that it would stand for a long time, has been shattered within a year. Francois Gabard managed to circumnavigate the globe single-handed in 42 days and 16 hours...shattering Coville’s mark by a massive 6 days!

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Wearing your dogs face on your swimsuite for December? Us neither...

We know you wish you could take your beloved pet with you everywhere. Unfortunately, there are some places our four-legged friends just can't go, including many pools and beaches.

Fortunately, a new product from Petflair will let you channel your furry friend for a day of sun and fun — by plastering them across your body.

Forget wetsuits. From now on, it's all about pet suits.