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Orange you glad they weren't bananas????

Five people were pulled over in Spain with four tons of oranges spilling out of their cars.

When police in Spain noticed some suspicious driving, a short car chase ended with five robbery arrests and a ton of oranges. Well, four tons to be exact. WHERE ARE YOU GOING WITH 4 TONS OF ORANGES MENSE..????

Police recovered over 8,000 pounds of oranges from three cars, which the suspects claimed were for personal consumption. And a case of vodka. (Only joking, but they should have……)

Once apprehended, local outlets reported, the suspects said they were "coming from very far away and had been stopping and collecting oranges along the way."

They lacked the proper permits, however, to be carrying that much fruit.

Another knock against their case was a robbery report from a few hours earlier. In the nearby town of Carmona, authorities were notified that a shipment of oranges had gone missing. 


'Emotional support peacock' barred from United Airlines plane.

A female traveller was recently banned from taking a large "emotional-support peacock" on board a United Airlines flight, it has emerged.

She had offered to buy the bird its own plane ticket, according to travel blog Live and Let Fly.

Nonetheless, the airline refused to let the bird board at Newark airport in New Jersey, saying it did not meet guidelines due to its weight and size.

United says this was explained to the traveller before she arrived at Newark.

Pictures of the striking bird and its owner emerged via The Jet Set, a travel-based talk show.

Margot Robbie takes a happie from a 6 inch Zonk!

She might just be the most famous sandwich artist in the world.

And even though Margot Robbie has come a long way since working at her local Subway on the Gold Coast, it appears she still likes to chow down on a foot long.

While appearing on Nova's Fitzy & Wippa show on Thursday the I, Tonya star was presented with her very own 'Margot Robbie Sandwich' and was more than happy to take a bite.

'Footlong, white bread, chicken teriyaki, lettuce, tomato, cheese and sweet onion sauce,' Fitzy (real name Ryan Fitzgerald) said.

The radio duo then presented the star with her very own 'Margot Robbie Sandwich' made with her specially-chosen ingredients.

'We were thinking you could maybe take a bite of the 6inch and then we could set it in resin,' Fitzy said referring to one of their past segments in which they turned Ricky Martin's half-eaten sandwich into resin.

Ricky's sandwich was then given away to a listener.

Now the best thing about being an Aussie and going on the Australian version of "The Waking Crew", is that the Aussies have a wicked sense of humour and they will never let you get to Artsy Fartsy or "Hollywood"...

Awesome! Margot, we LOVE YOU!