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The Six Stages of ANY Relationship

(Jarret's two cents) So dating someone and going the full distance may not be something you think about. But you know what? Maybe you should.

It's incredibly challenging and at the risk of sounding like a teacher or OLDER GUY (Which I suppose I am) IF you want to go the distance check out these stages, I am in the 5th of these already and can tell you that they are so spot on it's scary. Be prepared to compromise BIG TIME and from BOTH sides. If you truly love each other and want to work together to build an "Empire", you can do it. It's work, but it's amazing once you get there. And hey, give your kids something to look up to and to perpetuate!


Every relationship goes through six stages. Understanding them is key because for love to last it needs something different at each stage.

1: Six to 18 months — Blending phase

This is the magical time when it feels like you’re walking on air and you can’t think of anything but your beloved. Any differences between the two of you are overlooked as you fuse into one.

2: 18 months to three years — Nesting phase

Sexual desire settles and creating a home together becomes the way to express your love.

3: Three to four years — Self-affirming phase

You’re confident enough about the relationship to enjoy separate activities again, and you’ve begun to knock off each other’s rough edges.

4: Five to 14 years — Collaborating phase

USING the security and self-esteem from your relationship, you take on a big project — a career change, new interests or starting a family. This is often exciting but can be the hardest stage for couples if one gets wrapped up in a project and neglects their partner.

5: 15 to 25 years — Adapting phase

You have to adapt to the challenges thrown at you, such as children leaving home or ageing parents, which can leave you feeling self-absorbed with little space for your partner or for fun.

6: More than 25 years — Renewing phase

You might share a sense of achievement for having come through so much together, but it is easy to be overwhelmed by other people’s demands and you must be sure to keep back enough energy for one another.