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Robbies Sleep eating is getting the better of him!!

So people, steadily, have been noticing Robbie Williams's FACE WEIGHT GAIN!!

Looking at the before and after's of Robbie and his "Bakkies" one can clearly make out the weight gain. (Mainly around the jowles)

Robbie has just come out and said this: "I recently developed a strange of habit of raiding the fridge in the middle of the night.

"I've been doing this weird thing for about a year now, and I'm not aware that I'm doing it," 

Robbie, just say you're getting dik from vreeting my brother....

Adolf ze Artist!

So apparently Hitler was a bit of an artist in Austria before becoming a Dictator…who knew?

Some of his works were signed, some  not, but all very interesting and valuable.

Some of his works have gone for as much as N$ 110 000 00. One interesting one that wasn’t signed, was one of a tomb or grave with the name of a person he was alledged to have had an affair with. The lady was 19 years his junior and also just happened to be his Niece!!

She was found dead with a bullet in her head, it was ruled suicide, BUT, people in the know reckon he actually offed her himself. The clues, they say, are in the painting….

Here it is!