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How are you handling your addictions?

At which point do you salute yourself for going alcohol free. In the same way as the snooze button can ruin your day.

A heavy night of binge drinking can do the same. I'm no innocent bystander here. I love me a bevy and if you’ve been sobre for a few weeks is that time to celebrate ? I think so.

Demi Lovato's done well. She’s in her 5th year of sobriety. Can you imagine what you can get done in those five years? High five to Demi! And she’s so proud of herself. 

She has battled mental illness and sobriety issues for years, went into rehab at age 18. And as she declared on Instagram with a photo graphic and a self-affirming message, the 24-year-old can now claim 1,827 days (or five years) of being clean.

Well done Demi! How are you doing with your addiction? If you go past day one, you’re doing well, keep at it!