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Is Love Over-rated?

Is love over-rated?

Does love even exist or do we create emotions and express behaviours to conform to a norm.


I was chatting to some guys last night who said the old fashioned way of asking someone out on a date are long gone and over. Sorry guys, if you’re looking for that good old fashion love youre gonna have to wait around another 60years or so. If you're single, try this…go up to someone you like and introduce yourself. Tell them you want to get to know them and you want to exchange numbers. You tell me what the response will be? When was the last time you asked someone to dance? What happened? My point exactly! There are people who are actually ANIT-LOVE and adopt a more pragmatic approach, meaning they feell you will LOOK good as a boyfriend/girlfriend or mother/father of their kids. Don’t believe me? Try it out.