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Did he deserve it?

Finally, the end has come for Charles Manson who was the cult leader arrested in the 60's and spent 4 decades behind bars as the cult leader who apparently convinced his followers to go on a killing spree which left 9 people dead. Who is to blame for something like this? If I said jump into a fire would you jump into the fire if you didn’t want to? I thought not.

This is what he has been blamed for all this time and I don’t agree with it. I've seen so many videos about Charles Manson and I've seen Helter Skelter. Something just says that if you were going to kill someone you will do it without the help of someone telling you it’s a good idea. It's not that I don’t believe there are people who have abilities to influence situations, it's just that I don’t think he should have been locked up for so long as he didn’t actually take anyone's life. He’s just guilty of being charming

It's sad to think that one of the victims who died was a Hollywood actress who was heavily pregnant at 8 and a half months. That’s sad. What did the poor infant do to the world? She was stabbed so many times she didn’t have a chance of survival. Whats your take on this, do you think Charles Manson should have got the death penalty although he didn’t kill anyone? 


What are you up to for Halloween?

This is when those that hate valentines day really come out to shine at Halloween parties around the world. This year I'm particularly excited because my Halloween party is going to be so crazy I'm actually spending a bit of money this time. I just hope everyone else plays ball because that’s the real problem if you have friends who like to party but don’t like to dress up, you’ll find yourself as the only one in costume. If you have celeb friends in Hollywood then you're in luck, there's not a Halloween that goes by without Heidi Klum getting completely transformed. I wonder who she will be this time around? When it comes to Halloween, things are starting to get a little wild and out of control. On this scary day of the year so many celebrities wacky sides come out. Many of them are rocking the style “go big or go home.”