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Winter Olympic athletes to receive record number of condoms

Over in South Korea there's is a company with all smiles because as it turns out its all about timing and being at the right place at the right time. This is why the manufacturing company tasked at providing 110 000 condoms in South Korea's Olympic games village is all smiles. So its not only sports after all. With physically fit athletes and access to people from around the world, it turns out that its not only sports and medals at the Olympics and the games are becoming synonymous with sexual activity. Better safe than sorry and there I no shame in this what so ever. Although the games are set to be a showpiece of note, the organizers are also predicting the games to be the most promiscuous winter games in modern history. Perhaps they are planning such a spectacular event that it will influence people to want to get in bed with each other? So each athlete will be given a batch. Each will receive 37 condoms. That’s all kicking off next week and all 2925 athletes representing 90 nations will showcase their talents in these two weeks and I will be there following up on the progress right here from the studio.