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RSPCA Christmas Ad

I saw an ad that a british animal charity brought out now over Christmas, and it’s about a boy who get’s a stuffed toy puppy for Christmas.

He plays with it, and later on he leaes him in a park, and then the pup is thrown in the trash.   And then luckily the puppy is saved by someone from RSPCA and given surgery and a bath and then when he is well again he gets his forever home.  It’s part of the RSPCA’s “Kindness at Christmas” campaign, and they want to help the thousands of animals who are facing neglect and cruelty over the festive season.  And it’s also about people who give their kids baby animals for Christmas, but then the animals, once they grow up, are neglected.  Pets are for life.  

Apps Still Using Your Data

Did you know that there are apps that you probably don’t use anymore that is still accessing your facebook data.  So if you want to remove it, this is how:

you gotta be safe!

Click here

Meet the guy who shut down Trump's Twitter account

On 2 November, we had peace on earth for 11 minutes, until President Donald Trump's Twitter account was reactivated. Twitter blamed the deletion of The Donald’s account on a rogue employee during his last day on the job.  Now we found out who he is.  His name is Bahtiyar Duysak and he is a German citizen with Turkish roots and part of his job at Twitter was to deal with alerts reporting bad behavior, offensive or illegal tweets, and other forms of harassment.  And during his last shift,  someone reported Trump’s account and, without thinking, Duysak put the wheels in motion to deactivate it. Several hours later, he realized he had made a “mistake,” especially after seeing several news stories about it.  He said he never thought Trump’s account would be activated because of a Twitter policy that protects tweets that are considered newsworthy even if they might violate its terms of service. He  tried to lie low for a while but decided to reveal himself in order to clear the air.  He says he wants an ordinary life, he doesn’t want to flee from the media.   He did an interview with TechCrunch that you can watch here: