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Slang Words That Will Make You Sound Like an Old Fart

As a Millennial in my late 20s, it really is hard to believe that my generation is slowly becoming dated. How do I know this, well yesterday while speaking to my niece, I used an old phrase, stopped talking in the middle of the conversation and asked myself, do kids still talk like that…. Even the notion!!!

Last month I thought I was still one of the kids but turns out, there are a couple of things that we used to think were supercool,  is now seen as ancient and lame by the generation after us.

So I found a list of slang that according to the new generation is not in… and I am guilty of using some of these bad boys….

But thankfully not all of them. Because if you still use the phrase raising the roof - while pumping both your arms in the air is definitely a way to show how old you are to the youth.

And who remembers tight? Was there any better word out there to describe a close relationship or something really awesome? Nope. Now, it's all about "hunty" and "snatched."

And if you really want to sound old, tell some teenagers to take a chill pill and look at their blank, judging faces.  If that does not work, then The only thing that will make kids judge you more would be saying "peace out" while simultaneously pounding your chest twice and then giving the peace sign. (Please do it.)

They will really wonder how old you are…

But one phrase that we all use to this day that I will never stop using is definitely cool beans….  Because Keeping things G-rated with "cool beans" was the only way to go. If someone says it today, it would have to be me….. more than ever. I just used it with my work wife…

Which according to this list, I'm old…..

But I don’t care, they be Triflin', you dig….. Peace out