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Wrapping up

This is the Coffee Break on 96.7fm and believe it or not, while most of us are taking a break from our daily lives to relax and prep for the New Year, there are others that are working night and day to break the mold in what I like to call, the trend industry. And oddly enough, Facebook has been keeping a close eye on what every one is talking about in their own industries and societies.

SO in light of that, earlier this Month, Facebook released some data that reveals what trends will be slowly taking over the world in 2018 and some of them may surprise you!

First on the list are digital currencies -  you know, like Bitcoin. Digital currencies are expected to skyrocket in 2018 with more and more people investing in Bitcoin and other such crypto-currencies.

And with a year we had -  with Donald Trump, the #MeToo social media campaign and Time’s magazine honoring the whistle-blowers on Sexual Harassment with Time’s Person of the year; it’s quite obvious that Female Empowerment made it to the list – and in 2018, Facebook predicts that female empowerment and feminism will be seen everywhere! 

Speaking of, did congratulations to Larisa Oosthuizen, Lauri-Anne Potgieter and Maryke van-der Merwe for making it to the top three of the top 10 Matrics in Namibia. I just want to point out that they are all female….

And finally, Facebook has said in its report that more and more workplaces will develop strategies that replicate the views of millennials and the general youth because they are creating such rapid shifts in how the world views big issues. This means that you will be seeing a lot more Youth-Driven Workplaces

No wonder Oxford announced "youthquake" as the word of the year….