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The one thing you probably haven't noticed about Spain's National Anthem

There's something that differentiates Spain's National Anthem from most other countries and this is something you likely never noticed or knew.

What is it?

Well, did you know that Spain’s National Anthem has no words?

I kid you not!

There are four national anthems that have no words in them: San Marino, Bosnia, Herzegovina, The republic of Kosovo and yes Spain.

See, the anthem was originally a military march mainly used at military occasions – that’s why it was never written with lyrics.

Then over the years attempts were made to add lyrics, but it never worked out or stuck.

That begs the question - what do Spanish people sing at sporting events?

Turns out they don’t!

They just hum, sing 'la la la' or 'na na na' to the rhythm and that’s it.

Don't believe me? Watch below!


I can't believe we've never noticed this but it does explain a lot...because now we know that Spain's soccer players aren't singing along, not because they're rude - but because they have nothing to sing along to.