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America First, Namibia First (Not Second)

If you haven’t heard about the whole of Europe basically trolling American President Donald Trump, then let me give you the gist.  

Trump is all about making America great again, which is why he he's always rocking the slogan 'America First!'

Well, the other countries in the world saw an opportunity there and that’s when the parodies started.

The Netherlands started it all when a video was created called 'America First, Netherlands second'. 

It is a video which basically explains why the Netherlands is the best, or rather second best, "in a way that Trump would understand".  

Check out the video:

Soon after, other countries joined in on the action.  Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Portugal, and others created their own videos.

Now while Namibia is usually left out in the cold, this time we decided no, we're getting in on this.

So Ees TV recently released a video, called 'America first, Namibia First', yes we’re not second; and if you haven’t seen the video, you’re missing out. 

It’s not just funny, but it once again makes you realise how awesome Namibia is.  

Check it out!

I have to agree though, to President Trump America might be first; but to us, Namibia will always be the real deal.