The Waking Crew 2.0

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The Coffee Break

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The Hard Drive

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The Headrush

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Anne Mans

What can I say about myself?

I am happy to say that I have entered the next (very exciting) chapter of my life. MARRIED LIFE…

Friends and family have always been an incredibly important and special part of my life, but before, during and after my wedding, their value and commitment to me and my husband (oh my word…. My husband!!) became even clearer.

For most parts I’m still the same, short Anne I was before the big day. Perhaps I’m now just luckier.

Since that scary first day in September 2010, as Radiowave’s newest employee, I’ve grown in every sense of the word, and I’m really looking forward to spending many more happy years at Namibia’s Number 1 Hit Music Station.

While it’s going to take some getting used to having a different surname, I sure won’t be missing all of the variations of my old one (Fleidl), which has been Fleidel, Sleidel and most recently Sleigel…

Over the years I’ve come up with the perfect way of spelling my unusual surname to people, and now I’ll have to come up with a new method. Although, Kirsty has given me an excellent, hopefully fool-proof way of spelling my new surname. One Man… Two Mans, and viola – Anne Mans has arrived.

Apparently I’m pretty short in comparison to most people, but hey, why fight the truth when you can pick a superhero name like Midget-Girl?

I absolutely love baking, cats, gardening, cats, cooking, and did I mention I love cats? There are only a few things I simply can’t stand, like ‘boere’ music, whistling and whingers… But I mean, who actually doesn’t mind a whinger?

I’m an extremely proud person, but not too proud to admit that my guilty pleasure is listening to old Britney Spears tracks on my bright pink iPod. When I’m not listening to old Britney, I’m probably listening to Jessie J.

When I’m not at Radiowave doing the news, I’m probably at home trying something new in the kitchen, or buying my cat whatever I think she might like and then spending the entire afternoon stalking her, just to make sure she hasn’t choked on air.

Not sure which is worse, my most embarrassing moment on air, or the worst job I’ve ever had. I’ll let you decide. My most embarrassing moment on air, was hosting my first ever Brit40 chart show. Instead of announcing the next entry at number 36, I said “coming up next at number thirty sex…” I was shaking like a leaf for the next 10 songs!

As for the worst job I’ve ever had. I was as a sandwich lady in a London coffee shop for a few weeks. The pay and hours were terrible, and so was my boss.

For more on the go updates, follow me on twitter at @AnneFleidl