The Waking Crew 2.0

Catch Jarret and Deon for their early morning antics: 06:00 - 09:00

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The Coffee Break

Get that morning buzz you need, from 09:00 - 12:00

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The Hard Drive

with Karlien, for your lunch time entertainment 12:00 - 15:00

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The Headrush

End your busy day with Chops, 15:00 - 18:00

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ABCharity - Letter "C" is done

ABCharity the first ever human alphabet with thousands of kids shot from above. We will do one letter per country evenly spread around the Globe, when the alphabet is compete the letters will be sold so companies and individuals can buy their name e.g. Peter buys P.E.T.E.R. and 100% of the money goes to a charity of the buyers choice.

Peace Love & Photography is a documentary film and web-series about the making of "The World's Largest Art Project For Charity". It is a story about one couple who gave up everything to travel around  the World creating inspiring and empowering events for kids with and aim of raising 10 million USD for charity. 

If you like what we do, please follow our journey & spread the word instagramfacebook or youtube


The Letter "C"

The letter "C" with 550 kids in a Swedish Canola field. The sun was shining, the kids were smiling & we couldn't be happier with the result :) 





What happened so far:

The Letter "A"

After years of hard work we have successfully launched the ABCharity Project on Blauberg Beach in Cape Town, South Africa.

The giant human "A" was made by 500 children from different charity organizations, helping underprivileged children in the Townships. We couldn't be more grateful to Alexis Gillis and Cape Town Productions for all of their help and support. It was so amazing to have met so many people who became engaged and passionate about our cause and mission. Despite the weather warnings and the date being set on Friday 13th the day went off without a hitch and broke any superstitions we may have had previously. 




The Letter "B"

Here it is, a giant human "B" made with 500 children on the Dunes of Namibia. The day was absolutely perfect including live music and food for the kids.

The Dunes were filled with smiling and laughing children for 3 hours last Saturday as we continued the ABCharity project in Namibia with the letter B. The day was absolutely perfect including live music, food and beverage for the kids. Everything went off without a hitch despite the desert winds that began to blow. We were forced to shoot the letter 2 hours earlier than expected but it didn't dull the smiles on the children's face's as they screamed "Together we can make a difference" and sang the Namibian National anthem. We couldn't be more pleased with the result and are so grateful to all of our sponsors, including Paula Olivier from the Namibian Tourist Board who came together to make this dream a reality. A special thanks to all of the teachers who came out on their day off to bring their children to participate in this Historical event.