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5 jobs the robots will take last

I recently spoke to Yvonne Le Roux of Elite Employment about upskilling and how that can help you land the job rather than the other candidate (listen to the interview here), but what if the other candidate is a robot?

Hey, it's a serious question, as says "at some level, every job can (and will) be done by machine. It is not a question of if; it is just a question of when". There is some good news though, as even they admit that there are some jobs that will be a little harder for the robots to take than others, so if you are looking at learning new skills (or even planning a new career) here is author Shelly Palmer's list of The 5 Jobs Robots Will Take Last.

Oh, and if you're worried about the security of your job, here is the list of The 5 Jobs The Robots Will Take First, I thought I'd be safe but it seems I'm on the second list and that in Japan they already have robot newsreaders.


When it comes to skills...

  • Proper communication is one of the most important, and sought after skills
  • Other basic skills looked for are being well read and having a good general knowledge/being informed
  • Namibia faces a massive skills shortage so the more skills you have the more in control you will be and the more you can call the shots
  • Sometimes gaining skills means getting in at the bottom and working your way up
  • BUT thanks to technology it is a lot easier to gain skills these days than it once was

The millennial's guide to retirement saving

I previously spoke to Mr. Franois Brand from the Financial Literacy Initiative about Taking Control of your Finances where we touched on the difference between saving and investing. I will in the future also do further interviews about the subject as well as more detailed ones about the different types of investment options available.

In the meantime though I happened upon an article on the FANews website by Steven Nathan of 10X Investments in which he discusses saving form the point of view of a millenial that I thought many of you would be able to gain from. Click here to find out why he says the most important thing to just start putting as much away now as you possibly can.