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Trust will enroll three young school girl graduates to UNAM

On Friday 17 October 2014 the Radio Wave Waking Crew and Chairperson of the ESFMF Trust Fund (Ericah Shafudah the current PS of Finance and Namibia’s Business Woman of the year 2013), randomly selected three beneficiary regions from which three school girls will be identified to benefit from the Ericah Shafudah Financial Management Fund. The selected school girls will be enrolled at the University of Namibia for the next four years, as to complete a degree in Financial Management focusing either on Bachelor of Accounting; Bachelor or Chartered Accountancy or Bachelor of Economics. Each of these degrees will be taken up by each of the three girls.

The selected regions are Hardap, Kavango West, and Oshana.  These regions were drawn during a live chat show hosted by Radio Wave’s Waking Crew on the 17th October 2014, at 08:15. The 2015 students will be identified from among those who have applied to pursue their Tertiary Education in the identified academic fields at UNAM and meet the application requirements.  The Fund will also budget for the accommodation and some other related needs of the three ‘lucky girls’.

The Trust’s main objective is to empower women with a focus on the financial education of the Namibian Girl Child.  

On the 9th of August 2014 and in days thereafter, the Trust Fund managed to collect generous pledges from various companies and individuals that will solely be directed towards projects benefitting the school girls. The Trust has already put a part of the available funds aside to finance the studies of the three girls over the next four years, and will develop other projects during the course of 2015 aimed at empowering vulnerable women (young and old) in financial education and development.

The school or now ‘varsity girls’ will also be mentored by experts of industry. This will deal with all support, compliance, and whichever emerging issues the girls are confronted with. The Trustees will keep an eye on the performance of the girls and will be in regular contact with their families.

Towards the immediate future of this Trust Fund, Shafudah mentions that “the Trustees prepared an Annual Plan after the launch and activities include further fundraising events, but Trustees are most excited about the identification of the beneficiaries today, and we now work towards this project taking full flight”.  Shafudah is adamant that “the Trust Fund beneficiaries should ‘make work of their sponsorship’ as to be a successful return on investment to the ESFMF”.  She doesn’t blink whilst concluding with words; “the beneficiaries from this project should demonstrate seriousness as the project will not entertain failure”.