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Kirsty interviews ShenFM

Kirsty Watermeyer from Radiowave interviews ShenFM from South Africa who will be playing at their 16thbirthday next Saturday at the Warehouse Theatre.

Kirsty: Everyone is very excited about the Radiowave show and what people have been doing to get their hands on tickets is quite amazing, so people are excited.

Shen: Well I’m honoured just to play for the people of Namibia.

Kirsty: Yes, but you’ve done it before right? You’ve done a gig at Luigi’s, how was that?

Shen: That was, wow. That was quite a messy one, but definitely fun. I actually went up to play at a surprise party for Jared G who is a DJ for a friend of his. But what happened that morning is we were flying up and the drummer forgot his passport. Can you believe it? It was a last minute rush but we got there in one piece. I promise you, this time we all have our passports!

Kirsty: That’s fantastic, I’m glad. Now ShenFM is the band and you guys average 22 gigs a month over the last four years, how in the world do you keep going?

Shen: You know what, I’d like to say Tequila, but I don’t think I’m allowed to say that. We’re nocturnal creatures, so our days start at 10am and end around 3am or 4am. So we have our seven hours sleep, we get that in, it’s just not in sync with everyone else.

Kirsty: But that’s ok. Now you’re called ShenFM because I believe you weave each song into another without stopping or flowing just like a radio disc jockey would mix music together. So why do you do this? Explain this style a little.

Shen: Yeh, I’m tired of those bands that play a song and then stop, turn the page and five minutes later start playing the next song. It’s not cool. I like how DJ’s put one song after the next and for they’re whole set they streamline one song after the next. One constant vibe. Of course there’s ups and downs in the different tempos and the feel but there’s never a stop. I like that and it’s kind of a concept band in a way because I don’t know of any other band that does that. Well, you’re going to hear it on the night

Kirsty: Absolutely. Look forward to that for sure. So what can we expect from you on the night?

Shen: Craziness, naked parties!

Kirsty: Love it.

Shen: We’re definitely going to throw out some albums in the crowd and just get everyone going. Hey, if you give me a water pistol with some tequila in it, who knows what can happen?

Kirsty: Ok, I’ll note that down. I’ll send that information to marketing. So if people weren’t on the guest list, what would you advise them to do to get on the guest list?

Shen: You know what, if you tweet Radiowave and ShenFm Live, and you’re really nice to us, maybe just before the gig I’ll run out and usher you in under my wing.

Kirsty: What a nice guy. And talking about niceness, I believe you also started the Modern Rockstar Academy that is an academy that teaches children to make money through their music and brand themselves correctly. You’ve trained vulnerable teens in the townships of Western Cape such as Khayelitsha to form bands and they’ve even gone to Sweden to perform at the World’s Children’s Prize Award Ceremony. That’s fantastic; it spreads the musical love. Why would you advise people to get involved, especially as an artist? What’s the benefit?

Shen: You mean to spread love as in teaching?

Kirsty: Yes, to teach music, and spread the love of it – if you’ve got the talent, to play it forward.

Shen: Oh yes, completely. Well music is in itself a playing forward thing. It’s to give your talent and your love that you share with your instruments or your voice and give that to someone else. Making them feel something. Isn’t that why all people play music?

Kirsty: Absolutely.

Shen: Yes, you want to make your audience feel something. So if you can do that well enough to earn a living from it and be successful at it, then you have to take it a step further. Giving tuition in a big or small way is how you share that love. You’ve got to play it forward, that’s what music is about.

Kirsty: that’s a really good answer, thank you for that. So people that are going to come on Saturday next week are going to get to experience your music.

Shen: Oooh its gonna be fun! You know what time I’m on stage?

Kirsty: Just after I announce that you’re on, that’s when you’re on.

Shen: Oh ok, so I’ll be waiting your beck and call Miss Kirsty.

Kirsty: Thank you so much for chatting to us Shen, I can’t wait for the concert next weekend, its going to be fantastic. And we’re going to have a little sample of what they can expect to be listening to a little later in the show. In the meantime, travel safely and make sure you’ve got your passport please Shen.

Shen: Done.