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Week in Review - 10 March 2018

On Thursday, Namibian women in leadership gathered in the capital to celebrate International Women’s Day. Organised by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the day was celebrated under the theme  ‘From peace in the home, to peace in Namibia’. 
In other local news, the Gross Domestic Product growth for 2017 is estimated to be at a mild contraction of 0,4 per cent. The Minister of Finance, Calle Schlettwein said this when he tabled the 65 billion Namibian dollar 2018/2019 National Budget in the National Assembly on Wednesday. 
Meanwhile, the Bank of Namibia has taken note of the rising interest in crypto currencies in the country. However, in in order to provide clarity on the Bank’s position, the bank wishes to reiterate that it does not recognize crypto currencies as legal tender in Namibia.
In South Africa, The Free Market Foundation believes Tiger Brands’s Enterprise Foods and RCL Foods might not survive the current listeriosis scandal. A total of 948 laboratory-confirmed cases of the food-borne disease and 180 deaths were recorded from January last year to March this year with the World Health Organisation actually calling the outbreak the largest ever recorded globally.
On Thursday, the DA laid charges of money laundering and corruption against India’s Bank of Baroda following a report by the Organized Crime and Corruption Project that the bank deliberately laundered money on behalf of the Gupta family…
And following a chainsaw attack, a fund-raising campaign to help triathlete Mhlengi Gwala raise funds for his operations, saw South African’s join forces to raise over 600 thousand Rands.  
In your international news - Mississippi, lawmakers are on the brink of approving a measure that would ban most abortions after 15 weeks. French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday marked International Women's Day with a pledge to ‘name and shame’ companies that pay women less than men for the same work. And a Danish submarine inventor goes on trial in Copenhagen today for the death of a Swedish journalist, described as one of Denmark’s most gruesome and horrific murders.
And finally, after years of seeking face to face talking with consecutive US Presidents, Donald Trump agreed to meet Kim Jong-un by the end of May after the North Korean leader requested a meeting with the American President.