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Week in Review - 3 February 2018

Seeming to prove the meme that 2018 only starts of the 1st of February and that January is the free trial period, President Hage Geingob's promised 'Year of Reckoning' appeared to kick off on Thursday with news coming in that both the Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture had been relieved of their duties. Meanwhile in other high level moves, presidential spokesperson Albertus Aochamub has been seconded to temporarily serve as the CEO of the Namibian Airports Company and Dr Alfredo Tjiurimo Hengari has meanwhile been appointed to his now vacant position as press secretary in the Office of the President. In other, non-political news the National Commission on Research, Science and Technology opened its national Genetically Modified Organism testing and research laboratory, a, so-far, isolated case of Cholera was detected in Windhoek, while the City announced that they would avail N$ 17 million in response to the Hepatitis E outbreak. We also learnt that in line with government's cost-cutting measures requests by Ministers, Deputy-Ministers and other political office-bearers for travel outside of the country would not be entertained until the end of February 2018.
In South Africa shareholders were once again affected by a report released by Viceroy Research, the firm that questioned the finances at Steinhof International, who this time turned their attention on South African bank Capitec. Viceroy said that the bank is in fact a 'loan shark' with massively understated defaults, but the firm and South Africa's Reserve Bank hit back saying the report was “factually incorrect” and that the bank was in fact “solvent, well capitalised, and has adequate liquidity”. Economists have cautioned that South Africans should brace themselves for a possible 2% VAT increase, and Jacob Zuma continues to hold on to his position with rumours circulating that he will this weekend be told to resign or face the consequences. In Johannesburg the principal of a high school who was filmed having sex with various pupils in his office resigned with the department ensuring that he would face the full might of the law, meanwhile Cape Town on Thursday intensified water restrictions, moving to level 6b in which residents are only allowed to use 50 litres of water per person per day, with the so-called 'Day Zero' now scheduled for April 16.
The 30th Ordinary Session of the African Union was held in Ethiopia this week with leaders pledging to overcome malnutrition and elevate it as a driver for economic growth and also unveiling the Single African Air Transport Market which seeks to improve intra-African air connectivity and is seen as a step towards an envisaged Africa-wide free trade zone similar to the European Union. It was also reported in French newspaper Le Monde that China had been spying on the continental body via the computer networks at the headquarters, a report the Chinese immediately denied. In other African news, Liberia's new president said he would take a pay cut and also seek to rewrite what he termed a “racist clause” in the country's constitution, the United States denied Zimbabwe's MDC's claims that Donald Trump had promised them $15 billion should they win the elections, while the government announced that white farmers would now be offered the same 99 year leases as black farmers. Meanwhile the World Bank pledged $14 billion to help African countries attain Vision 2030, Egypt's president warned against any attempt to boycott March's presidential elections, and Lassa fever once again flared up in Nigeria.
Afghanistan wept again this week as a deadly bombing killed at least 103 people and injured another 235 while an attack on a military compound resulted in the death of 11 soldiers, the country was also shaken by an earthquake. In other news evidence of at least 5 mass graves of Rohingya villagers were uncovered in Myanmar, vehicle manufacturers were slammed for testing diesel emissions on monkeys and humans, and in some good news Hong Kong voted to ban ivory sales.