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Week in Review - 13 January 2018

Namibian children went back to school this week but we also learnt that the 2017 grade 12 Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate ordinary level results were once again disappointing with only 39.3% of candidates attaining a university level pass. It was also revealed that the total amount of money raised in the University of Namibia Student Representative Council's Land-a-Dollar campaign fell far short of their target of between 1 and 3 million Namibian Dollars with the campaign collecting only N$ 234 619, of which 40% was withheld to pay the campaign’s consultancy, Easy Advertising.
Sadly though the traditional festive season rush is over there were still deaths being recorded on Namibia's roads with two children dying on the Grootfontein-Rundu road and 5 people dying 70km outside of Katima Mulilo on Monday, while another two people, including an 11 year old girl died about 36 kilometres outside of Usakos on Tuesday afternoon. In slightly better news it is reported that the Municipality of Henties Bay has decided to reward the two boys who saved four other boys from drowning and will begin training lifeguards to serve on the towns beaches, Namibia also lifted the ban on the import of live poultry, and birds, as well as poultry products from Belgium. 
South Africa is still battling the listeriosis outbreak which has so far claimed the lives of 61 people since early December, meanwhile in Zambia authorities are battling to contain a growing Cholera outbreak – food imported to Namibia from South Africa is said to be safe for consumption but the government has banned the importation of all food from Zambia until further notice.
Still in South Africa there was confusion following the death of a 32 year old farm worker said to have stolen a tractor with local police first having reported that he had been shot by the farmer he worked for and from whom he had stolen the tractor, before the truth came to light that he had in fact been shot by a security officer, who now faces a charge of murder. It was a very bad week for at least 400 residents of the Cape Town informal settlement of Langa who lost their homes after a fire destroyed 159 shacks, residents of Rustenberg, especially foreign nationals meanwhile had to deal with the results of unrest that broke out on Wednesday night and resulted in the torching of at least six buildings and reports that at least 4 Nigerians were hospitalized following the violence. 
Elsewhere in Africa the Ivory Coast braced for more violence as reports of gunshots and heavy weapons fire were received from military bases in the restive second-city of Bouake, at least a dozen people were killed in renewed clashes between farmers and cattle herders in central Nigeria, and Tunisia saw renewed protests over austerity measures that resulted in the death of at least two people and the detention of hundreds. Mozambique suffered once again this week as well as the death toll from tropical cyclone Eva reached 33 with at least 22 people missing, and more deaths occurred in the Mediterranean following the foundering of a boat off the coast of Libya, with survivors pointing to anywhere up to 100 people unaccounted for.
Elsewhere in the world Swedish clothing giant H&M buckled in the face of a social media storm, removing a hoodie modelled by a young African boy and which carried the inscription 'coolest monkey in the jungle' from their range, a US judge blocked president Trumps repeal of the Obama-era 'Dreamers Act', Malaysia signed a deal with a US company to continue the search for missing flight MH370, at least 17 people died in the south of the US state of California following massive mudslides, and record heat waves in Australia have led to the death of hundreds of bats.
And in really good news global investigative journalism received a very welcome boost as the organisers of the Golden Globes granted $1million to the organisation that broke the Panama Papers as well as the Committee to Protect Journalists.