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Week in Review - 11 November 2017

Windhoek residents have been asked to use as little water as possible this weekend due to NamWater interrupting the water supply to the city from Von Bach dam, while water is unlikely to run out there could be reduced pressure and even a slight colour change as the municipality will be operating the bore-hole system during this time. 
In other local news the DTA last weekend changed their name to the Popular Democratic Movement, the Minister of Environment and Tourism revealed that fewer rhino and elephants have been poached this year, the US government committed to a further N$435 million towards the PEPFAR programme to combat HIV/AIDS in the country, and opposition MPs walked out of parliament on Tuesday after refusing to discuss the Urban and Regional Planning Bill of 2017, saying all talks related to land should be avoided until after the planned land conference.
In South Africa deputy president Cyril Rampahosa broke with ANC tradition and announced his preferred leadership team should he be elected as the party's next leader, there were echoes of the Namibian situation as many expressed their fears following the granting of prospecting rights for Phosphate mining over huge areas of South Africa's continental shelf, President Jacob Zuma agreed to Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba's request for the establishment of the judicial inquiry into tax administration and governance at the SA Revenue Services, an eight year old boy died after the ambulance he was being transported to hospital in was hijacked outside Cape Town, and everyone was still talking about Jacques Pauw's book 'The President's Keepers'.
In African news the Red Cross has admitted that its staff allegedly colluded in corruption amounting to 6 million dollars during the Ebola epidemic but that they are determined to bring the culprits to book and redeem the money, The Democratic Republic of Congo has finally announced a date for their much delayed elections, saying they will take place in December 2018, Liberia's Supreme Court ruled that the run-off election may not take place until complaint over alleged irregularities is heard while in Egypt the president ruled out any talk of the constitution being amended to allow him a third term, though as he has yet to serve his allowed second term he may still change his mind, there was fresh intrigue in Zimbabwe as President Robert Mugabe fired long-time ally Emerson Mnangagwa who had for a long time been seen as his likely successor, meanwhile Morocco's King Mohammed VI dashed all hopes that after finally having been readmitted to the African Union the topic of Western Sahara would be resolved, saying that the territory could at best hope for autonomy but that his country would never agree to its independence.
On Monday morning we woke to the news that there had been yet another gun-related killing spree in the United States as this time a gunman wearing a bullet-proof vest opened fire with an assault rifle on the congregation of a small town Texas church, killing 26 people and wounding at least 20 more. Things got worse in Yemen too as the Saudi-led coalition closed off all land, sea and air ports following a rebel-fired ballistic missile targeting Riyadh, shortly thereafter the UN urged them to end the blockade and allow life-saving humanitarian supplies to cross the border. Elsewhere in the world two young children were killed and three others injured in Australia after a car ploughed into their classroom, Germany's top court ordered parliament to recognise a 'third gender', schools were shut in Delhi as pollution hit nearly 30 times the World Health Organisation's safe level, and as Syria announced it was joining the Paris Agreement the United States was left as the only country in the world opting to stay outside the landmark treaty that hopes to hold global warming to a level 'well below' two degrees Celsius.