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Week in Review - 04 November 2017

This week Finance Minister Calle Schlettwein presented his mid-term budget review and it turns out that while things aren't quite as bad as we thought they were they are still not good. The Minister explained that the economy is expected to improve and that government plans to make more money, which are both good things – we just have to see if they actually happen. He also though said that the budget would increase by just over N$ 4 billion, some of which local economists pointed out Namibia would have to borrow which could push the country closer to a downgrade by ratings agencies. Consumers could at least breath a sigh of relief as he stated that there is no plan to increase taxes but rather to improve collection and look at a presumptive tax on the informal sector.
In other local news the price of petrol and diesel increased, local boxer Wilbeforce Shihepo is to be tried for the death of two people following a motor vehicle accident he is alleged to have caused before fleeing the scene, sprint legend Frankie Fredericks appeared before a judge in Paris as part of a probe into graft allegation over the awarding of the 2016 Olympics to Rio, 2569 teaching positions were advertised, and the City of Windhoek approved the sale of land in the Havana settlement for the Khomas District Hospital as well two schools while also approving the development of a solar PV plant on vacant land south of Cimbembasia.
In South Africa a book published by veteran journalist Jacques Pauw added numerous fresh allegations of corruption and the peddling of influence to president Jacob Zuma's already long list of alleged transgressions though the so-called 'Teflon President' seemed non-plussed simply denying the allegations, but strangely, if they aren't true, not taking it further and suing Pauw and his publishers. Danny Jordaan broke his almost two weeks silence surrounding allegations that he raped former ANC member and singer Jennifer Ferguson by denying the allegations and explaining that he would not be discussing them outside a court of law, on Monday thousands of mostly white demonstrators marched to protest farm murders in what was dubbed #BlackMonday, and veteran politician Mangosuthu Buthelezi announced that he was retiring as leader of the Inkatha Freedom Party after having led it since its inception in 1975.
Somali once again bore the brunt of terrorist attacks with a raid on a popular hotel and the detonation of both a car and truck bomb on Sunday leaving more than 27 dead, while in Cameroon five children were killed and two other wounded after a “young girl” joined a game they were playing before detonating an explosive charge in an attack blamed on the local wing of Boko Haram. 
In New York a man in a rented pickup truck killed at least 8 people and injured another 11 when he drove down a busy bike path deliberately ramming into people. The driver was identified as originally from Uzbekistan, having immigrated to the US legally in 2010. Japan was left reeling following the discovery of 9 bodies, including two with their heads severed and dumped in a cool box, in a Tokyo flat. In India an explosion at a coal-fired power plant killed 18 people and injured up to 100, while reports surfaced that up to 200 people may have died following a tunnel collapse at North Korea's nuclear test site back in September. In other news the Catalan crisis continues and more and more men are being held accountable for sexual misconduct including at least 36 Tory MPs named in a so-called 'dirty dossier' released in the United Kingdom.
Finally, in some good news Tanzania's Ngorongoro Conservation Area is to be declared a Unesco Global Geopark, joining Morocco's M'Goun park as only the second Unesco Geopark in Africa.